What Are Yard Sales

‘Yard Sales’ are events arranged within a community for the sale of used goods by private individuals, rather like a car boot sale at your own home. Sellers are not required to obtain business licenses and publicity for the event is arranged by the organiser.

Typically the goods in a yard sale are unwanted items from the home. The goods are sometimes new, like-new, or just usable, these might include old clothing, books, toys, tools, sports equipment or furniture. Some of these items are offered for sale because the owner does not want or need the item to minimize their possessions or to raise funds.

The seller displays their wares to the passers-by on their driveway, in their garage or even in a car boot if it is safe to do so (naturally, we do not encourage sellers to invite prospective buyers in to their homes). It is up to the seller to agree the sale price.